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SteelHome Express: Quotation of Iron Ore Edges down amid Decreased Procurement Interest from Mills

// [SteelHome] 2020-06-05 17:25:00

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㶫ʮ Ϻ 㶫ʮ ƽ̨ ƽ̨ ô28 159Ʊ

Quotation of imported iron ore on Tangshan market drops by 5-10 yuan/t on Friday.

Then the prevailing quotation on the market: PB fines is 770-775 yuan/t; PB lump is 875-885 yuan/t; Jimblebar fines is 705-710 yuan/t; Super Special fines is 625-630 yuan/t; Brazilian IOCJ is 940-945 yuan/t

Currently, traders are active in selling iron ore products. The procurement interest from mills, however, is slack. SteelHome considers that prices of iron ore may edge down amid fluctuations next week.

Link: Chinese Traders' Quotation of Spot Iron Ore at Ports for Jun 5

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